Thursday, November 21, 2013

Workout #44

I was planning to go in for a light workout again, but turns out it was a sparring event to prepare people for the main tournament. I couldn't participate however since I had to leave early, so the head trainer asked me to spar one of the guys. He's a guy I've seen around, roughly my age and in really good shape from what I could tell. He goes hard every time he's in the gym, including on the heavy bag and the like.

After warming up a little bit, we went three rounds.

  • I was a bit taller so I just jabbed and jabbed. It had been a while since I actually sparred, more than a month, so I felt rusty just chasing him around the ring. 
  • He had a really good overhand right, where he would throw his right hand over my jab and ended up hitting me really hard in the head several times. 
  • Once I figured this out, I started double jabbing him, feinting, and then jabbing and stepping back so his shots mostly got me on my chest and shoulders from that point. Still, it was really hard. 
  • He had a decent body shot, but I was still able to tag him with my jab whenever he came in. I wish my uppercuts were fast enough to get him when he came in, but they're too slow so I have to end up using my jab. 
  • I'm not sure how the point system will work. My plan is to be be a bit slower in the 1st round and then come out aggressively with the jabs in rounds 2 and 3, in particular the jab-right-jab combo. 
  • I have to still work more on cardio and stepping back after my jab. 
All this happened on a Thursday, and then immediately after the match I felt this immediate pain in my shoulder. It's as if someone pulled one of my muscles really hard. It hurt so much I could barely raise my left arm over my head. I just stopped. It hurt enough that I wondered if I could recover in time for the tournament. It was even hard to sleep since the shoulder hurt so much. 

*Update 4 days later on the shoulder - it feels much better. I've been trying to do very little with it and that has helped. I've been shadowboxing by myself and my jab and straight rights are fine, my uppercuts are fine too, but I can't seem to throw a left hook without pain. It's the punch I use least anyways, but still. I'm going to go really light this week. My plan is to go into the gym about 3-4 times, ride my bike for cardio, do some shadow boxing at home, but mostly try and rest this shoulder. 

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