Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Workout #42-43

During my nearly 3 week business trip I got to exercise mostly doing cardio, lifting some weights, and and the like. I did get a chance to visit a boxing gym for about 45 minutes where I did some shadow boxing and did about 3 rounds on the heavy bag and 6 rounds on the speed bag.

Today's workout was light. I hurt my shoulders sparring in this jiu jitsu class, and so I wasn't able to go too hard. It should be fine by tomorrow.

1. Jump rope 1
2. Shadow 3
3. Mitts 2

I needed a light workout back. I already found out my opponent for my match, though I know nothing about him. We'll see what happens, can't say I'm nervous since I feel ready. I see it as a sparring match with the potential to get one's nose broken.

My strategy will be to be much more defensive and rely on my jab and lean backs, and not throw too many combos in the beginning so as I don't tire myself out but it depends on what kind of guy he is. If he's aggressive, I have to either totally back off in defense mode or go on offense and go as hard as I can. 

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