Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Workout #1: first sparring match

On my very first day at the gym, I had my first sparring match. It wasn't a real sparring match, which typically runs around 70-80%, but a light sparring match around 50%.

Total rounds: 8

1) Jump rope, 2 rounds
  • I had trouble with this and couldn't jump very well. I hope to do this several times a week. 

2) Shadow boxing, 2 rounds
  • I felt OK doing this but just knew my technique wasn't very good. I had almost no hip rotation on most of my punches. 
3) Mitts, 2 rounds
  • I was breathing so heavily, I am really out of shape. 
  • It was challenging stepping forward to throw the jab and rotating my hips for the straight right. 
  • The left hook was really challenging. It wasn't easy to rotate my hips, keep my arms at a 90 degree angle, and also keep my right hand up to guard my face. 
4) Light Sparring, 2 rounds

Afterwards, a young college student came into the gym and the trainer asked him to spar with me. He's never been in a match and seemed like a really tentative fella. I was at least 5 inches taller and 80 pounds heavier so he looked a bit intimidated. He was much more skilled than I was but he was very tentative. We weren't really hitting, but more touching our gloves rather than hitting. He got me in the abdomen area several times and would have hurt me pretty bad, but I got him several times in the head mostly b/c I was taller and had a longer reach. By the time the second round came around, I was much too tired and didn't really throw very well. 

It's true what they say: 90% of amateur boxing is conditioning. The better conditioned boxer will win the majority of his fights. 

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