Thursday, August 8, 2013

Workout #3

I had some shoulder pain last night in my right shoulder. 12 years ago when I spent about 3 months at a boxing gym, I hit the heavy bag 5-6 days/week for at least 10 rounds every class for 3 months. I felt a click on my right shoulder everytime I went, and the pain hurt enough that I couldn't even lift my arms over my head after a while so I quit boxing.

After I looked up some articles on boxing and shoulder pain, I came across a boxing forum where a beginner boxer was told by his trainer to make sure his right shoulder/upper arm touches his cheek/jaw whenever he throws a straight right. He said it really helped his technique/distance and his shoulders were less tired. I tried it and my shoulder did not click when I threw a straight right! Just a few inches makes a difference it seems when one throws hundreds of punches daily.

During today's session, applying this new technique, my shoulders felt much better. They are still really sore, but do not click. I think the weight of my 16oz training gloves + my form put a lot of stress on my shoulders as an overweight and out of shape 40 year old man. I felt 100% better today so I hope this bodes well for the future.

Total rounds: 6 rounds

1) Shadow boxing, 2 rounds

2) Double end bag, 1 round
  • This was really difficult to do quickly. Either I did it too fast and had to wait for my next punch, or it was too slow. I'll have to find more videos on this. 
2) Mitts, 3 rounds
  • I felt better today, my 3rd day, though I still was really tired at the 3rd round. 
Vince Lombardi was right when he said "fatigue makes cowards of us all."

I really feel like in an amateur boxing match, the better conditioned fighter will win 90% of the time even if his skills are lacking compared to the other fighter. I'm thinking of adding a short morning bike ride (running is too hard on my knees), so I can weather more in my training. My whole body is still aching, especially my shoulders and right thigh. 

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