Thursday, August 22, 2013

Workout #8

Today was one of my lighter days. I'll try to have 3 harder workouts and 2 lighter workouts per week.

Total rounds: 12 

1) Jump rope - 1 round
2) Shadow boxing - 2 rounds
3) Mitts - 3 rounds

  • I felt better going more than 2 rounds. The trainer asked if I wanted to do another round and I said yes, though I was pretty tired by the end of it. 
  • Today I worked on a bunch of blocks and counters. Slip left and then 1-2. Or back up with a step, and then coming back with a right hand. 
  • None of this seemed very natural, but I was thankful for the work. Rather than just having me hit the mitts, the trainer actually threw things at me with the mitts so I had to parry or slip. 
4) Shadow boxing - 2 rounds
5) Speed bag - 2 rounds
6) Double bag - 2 rounds

I could have done more but I decided to have a lighter workout. I'm debating whether to add pushups or crunches afterwards. I was pretty beat afterwards. I know for sure that by not doing any weightlifting before my workout, that I had more energy for my boxing workout. Once I'm in better shape, I do want to lift weights at least once/week and also do some bodyweight exercises like body weight squats, or pushups, situps, etc. 

I still haven't lost any weight in the last 2 weeks. I lost a few pounds, and then when I went on my trip I gained it back. I have another trip next week, and this time I'll have no time do much. I'm hoping to go for a short run or a long walk, but I'll be very busy. I also know there will be lots of great food so I need to discipline myself so I don't come back too heavy. 

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