Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Workout #2: my first group class

On Wednesday nights my gym offers a boxing technique class. There were only 4 students with the pro boxer so it was a great time to learn.

Total rounds: 13 rounds

1) Shadow box, 2 rounds

2) Bob/weave under a rope, 4 rounds
  • We were taught to do combinations while bobbing and weaving under a rope. It wasn't easy actually, since the trainer told us to hit the rope while we were doing our combinations. 
3) Footwork sparring (no gloves), 2 rounds
  • The goal is to do shadow boxing in a ring without touching one another, but trying to step on the other person's shoes lightly. The idea is to see how quick you are with your feet. It was pretty tiring, and I was looking down so was susceptible to my partner's punches. (Though we didn't actually hit one another, if we were wearing gloves he would have hit me for sure.) 
4) Touch sparring (no gloves), 3 rounds 
  • This is another form of sparring, but without gloves. In the ring, we basically just use our hands to touch the person in the arms, chest, or stomach. We don't touch the head though we kind of punch in the way. 
  • The first partner was a 50 year old man who was an inch or two taller than me but was in fantastic shape. He weighed about 160 and was very fast. He got me a number of times on my shoulder and I was too slow to counter. 
  • The 2nd partner was about 30, a few inches shorter than me, but really strong looking/kind of muscular. He too got tired out so was about my level. 
  • The 3rd partner was in his 30's but looked like he was 17. He was 6 inches or so shorter than me and was incredibly fast. 
5) Shadow sparring, 2 rounds
  • No headgear so we didn't hit one another in the head of course, but did some light touching. Mostly it was a way to block jabs with jabs, etc. My two partners were kind of spazzy, and one guy only went to his left as he was throwing jabs. 
  • Although I don't have much boxing experience, I was a wrestler so I know what it's like to be in a match and to try and calm down. Out of my partners, only the 50 year old was in a boxing match about 10 years ago. Like me, he said he wanted to try it once and they were mostly they were beginners who were trying to learn/keep fit. The other two guys had never been in a real match. 
Afterwards we did 50 sit-ups, 50 where you lift up your arms and legs, 50 neck crunches, and then as many pushups as we could. I collapsed at 10. 

Some of the others stuck around to do mitts or the heavy bag, but I was so tired I could barely stand. 

On another note, I ordered a new set of gloves and headgear from Rival Boxing. My 12 year old gloves were around $70 or so, but this new glove was $120 and the headgear was around $110 so I wanted to invest in some better gear for my old hands/head. 

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