Friday, August 23, 2013

Workout #9

I was the only one in the gym today with the trainer. I feel myself getting better even though the learning curve is very high. In particular, two weeks ago I could barely go 2 rounds on the mitts but now I can go 3 rounds. I also feel my punches popping more, at least in the 1st mitt session, so I feel better. Fridays are usually empty he said, but Saturdays are more full throughout the day.

Total rounds: 11 rounds

1) Jump rope - 1 round
2) Shadow Boxing - 2 rounds
3) Mitts - 3 rounds

  • He had me working on slipping more and then counter punching out of the slips. 
  • Slip left+body uppercut, or slip right-straight right. 
  • I have to remember when I block a jab with my glove not to move the head of the glove down, but just hold it up and then return the jab
  • Like most heavyweights, my right hand is a lot more powerful than my jab. My jabs are really kind of slow, especially if I have to do more than one. 
  • Doing two left punches is difficult: left uppercut-left hook or something like that
  • I learned from the title punch videos to always finish with my left hand to prevent the person from hitting me with a straight right
  • I have to pick my poison, if I don't want to get hit in the head I am open to body shots and uppercuts. I have to keep my eyes open. 
4) Heavy Bag - 2 rounds
  • The trainer had me work on just the left body uppercut. 
  • He said I was moving my legs like a left hook, but actually my leg stays the same. The left hand goes right to the body and is a quicker punch then a left hook which is more powerful. 
  • He says my eyes need to stay open to keep my eyes on the target. I remember flinching a bit during my last sparring match. 
  • I didn't hit the bag very hard. Maybe I'll work on the heavy bag twice per week. 
5) Double bag - 2 rounds
6) Speed bag - 1 round

I'm trying to change my diet so that I can have a big lunch, maybe eat 70% of my calories in one meal. This way I'll be fueled for my workouts. My post workout meals have been mostly protein shakes, chicken/beef, and vegetables. If I'm disciplined at night I hope I can make weight for my match. 

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