Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Workout #6

It has been really hard working out while traveling. I was planning on doing lots of shadow boxing, but I had roommates so it wasn't easy. Also, I had to work late/wake up early so barely had time. I won't make excuses the next time, I'll get something in every day even if it's just going for a walk (can't really run) and going through combinations in my mind.

Total rounds: 12 rounds

1) Jump rope - 2 round
  • I finally was able to get in multiple rounds of 10 jumps in a row. I can't go a minute yet, but that would be the goal. I can't do single leg, so have been doing double leg but perhaps my knees will hurt b/c of this. 
  • If I warmup doing this every time I hope it will improve my footwork.  
2) Shadow boxing - 3 rounds
  • I'm way too slow. I feel like I can't throw 5 hit combinations very well even in shadow boxing. I need to do more than 3 rounds, maybe 5 rounds in the beginning, so that I can work on my technique. 
  • It's harder to work on technique when I get tired, I just want to get through the workout. 
3) Mitts - 2 rounds
  • There was a trainer I hadn't seen previously who was there today, the Tuesday trainer. He was the toughest trainer out of the 3 I've seen so far. He was about 50 years old but had an incredible physique. 
  • He said I was swinging too hard and way too slow with my body. 
  • First, my hips weren't rotating fast enough. Next, my hands didn't come back to guard quickly enough. In particular on the left hook, I have to hit in a semi circle, but once I hit my target I have to pull my hand in directly to my side. Finally, he said I'm not popping my punches. My legs are turning too much. 
  • It's pretty hard to think about all this at once, I need to work on this at home in my free time. 
4) Shadow boxing - 2 rounds
  • The trainer went over some of my techniques with me and I need to go wider with my punches/longer by standing up straight, but then return to form more quickly go shorter as I go back to my position. 
5) Speed bag - 2 rounds
  • If I keep the speed slow, I find that I can hit it for a while. I should do this to warmup as well, it's a good way to develop coordination. 
6) Heavy Bag - 1 round
  • I find my knuckles hurt by hitting the speed bag. I'm trying not to hit the heavy bag very often, mostly for my shoulder, but I'd rather spar. Perhaps I can hit one to three rounds when I'm in better shape. 
  • I can make my punches pop on the heavy bag, but only in short numbers. After a few combinations I'm beat. 
The trainer and I had a conversation and he said I'm nowhere near ready to be in a match. Overall he said my stamina needs to increase or I won't even last. He said not to worry about much else until I get my stamina up. Good advice. It has only been two weeks, and I need to sleep better, eat better, and train harder. 

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