Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Workout #30

I have two more months until the match. I'm still a good 20 lbs from my goal. If I can get to 210 or so, I can drop weight the last week by cutting out salt, most carbs, and just eating a diet of protein, green veggies, and oil. Hopefully I can lost 15 this month and 10 next month, so I won't have to resort to unhealthy tactics. I tried taking a few more days off b/c of my shoulder. My right shoulder feels better, but my left one is still a bit sore. I'm going to go lighter tomorrow. I'm going to think about going harder vs. going lighter. The toughest thing is sparring, but the toughest thing on my shoulder is actually mitts. I've been going 3 rounds lately, so I hit those mitts pretty hard. I can feel my shoulders are getting more muscular and stronger.

Total rounds: 13

1. Jumpe rope - 2
2. Shadow - 4
3. Speed bag - 3
4. Double - 2
5. Sparring - 2

  • DavidT and I have no sparred a few times, so we know what the other is like. I can jab him, and he can hit me with a lot of hooks and counter easily. 
  • So today, I decided to do maybe 90% jabs. Just to try and learn. 
  • The tough trainer told me during the fight I need to jab even more, and that just when he gets used to the jab/blocking it, I need to come in with a 1-2-3, or a 1-2-1 since that's even faster. I've never done a 1-2-1 in sparring, so I'll have to work on that. 
  • He said, that I need to use my height more. (He told DavidT, he needs to go inside more and hit me with more bodyshots rather than going for my head.) 
  • DavidT is a much more skilled fighter than I am. However, I'm 3-4 inches taller and 40 lbs heavier, so he's got a real disadvantage against me. His shots are still a lot more powerful than mine. Just like last time, we started off light but then he came in, I hit him hard, he hit me hard, and we were probably going 80% or so by the time the sparring session was over. 
  • DavidT seems to like going either 5% or 90% it seems like, either really light barely touching one another or going really hard. I noticed he's more accurate, can bait me, moves quickly, and has a wicked counter hook and the like. 
  • The tough trainer told me to quit my uppercuts, and use jabs and an overhead right from up top since I'm taller. So when he comes in, he said to block and come with an overhand right since DavidT will most likely be fighting on the inside. 
  • My neck hurts, he got me with a left hook real hard. He almost does no jabs, but just waits to set up his other punches. This is probably another reason I can jab him to death. He's quick, but not super quick and so once I start coming in I can tag him with my jab, but that still leaves me open to his counter shots. The tough trainer said again, I need more stamina to be able to last 3 rounds! 
  • We do two 3 minute rounds in sparring sessions, but the match will be 3 two minute rounds. Plus I won't have a full faceguard, which means I have to be even more careful about counters. 

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