Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Workout #34

Today was my toughest workout in 34 workouts. I've been riding my bike for 2hours total throughout the day commuting, so I was pretty tired before going to the gym. See below:

Total rounds: 10

1. Jump Rope - 1
2. Shadow Boxing - 2.5
3. Light Sparring - 2

  • The trainer told me to spar before I do mitts so he can see again what I need to work on. He told me only do jabs or jan-rights, and told me not to do any uppercuts until I can learn how to slip better. 
  • Mostly it's my conditioning. SugarRayL is in fantastic shape. We only touched so didn't hit very hard, and he tapped me multiple times to the body, to the head, even though I was taller than him. I did get him a few times with my jabs and rights, but overall he got me multiple times and would have one for sure if we were in a real match. 
  • He's so fast and moves so quickly, that by the 2nd round I was so darn tired and it showed. I quit moving my feet and I quit keeping my guard up. 
  • The reason the tough trainer is telling me not to use uppercuts is that he said that for uppercuts one has to slip so one's head is to the side, not only to generate power but it's much easier to block and harder to hit. He said my uppercuts are such that my head doesn't move at all. He said I could get hit very easily. I then asked him what I should do in terms of the uppercut, and he said forget it I'm not at that stage. He said if I want to do well in the match, just focus on my jabs which are my strength, and then when I get the opportunity really hammer hard with my right. He said the variety of doing 1-2, or 1-1-2, can easily win me my match in my beginner division. 
  • I'm not sure I agree with him. He's making it seem as if I'll be boxing a really advanced guy. I still feel like my uppercuts, especially my long range ones can keep someone at bay. If someone comes inside, he's telling me to back up and use my conditioning to go outside. Of course my conditioning is poor so that's hard to do. I have to really think about this. I've had good success with my uppercuts since I'm mostly boxing beginners. I may wait until the 3rd round to use the uppercut since my guy will be tired and his counters won't be as strong. 
3. Mitts - 2.5
  • He really worked me on the mitts today. He made me hit, then move around the ring, and then came at me and told me to dance/do footwork/and run. He said when your body is tired, even though running is tiring, it's the only way not to get punched. He said to jab, then just dance out there backwards like Ali. 
  • I almost collapsed on the 3rd (or 2.5th round) round it was so difficult. My arms were so heavy and so tired. 
4. Shadow footwork - 2
  • He then had me chased me around the area and told me to evade him by using footwork only. He's a little guy, about 5'6 and 125 lbs, but incredibly fast. He told me to keep my jab out, not a powerful one, but keep my arm extended as I jab, but don't let it touch my opponent. He said the arm will let me know when he's in hitting range, so long as my arm is out and it's not touching him I won't be in hitting range. (Of course my opponent may be taller/have longer arms, but it's a good general rule.) 
  • He said be like Ali. When one is tired, one can't punch, so rather than trading punches and getting hurt, he said dancing (using footwork like Ali moving backwards) with one's feet can really tired the other guy out more too chasing you. He said then I can gain energy and look for an opening to be in hitting range again or wait for the round. 
  • He chased me so fast and most of the time I couldn't escape him at all. 
  • My calves were burning, my arms were hurting, and my heart race was racing so high. This is why I enjoy boxing! If I did this kind of workout just 3x/week I'd be totally prepared for my match. The problem is that it's hard to do this by yourself. This trainer pushes me, but he only comes once/week on Tuesdays and I have to leave early so I don't have much time with him an hour max total and I have to warm up, and the like. 
  • It was so conditioning focused, that my shoulders didn't hurt very much. Though, that's b/c we did more footwork than punching it felt like. 
Anyways, it gives me a blueprint for what to do next time. Work harder, and work smarter. It looks like he wants my strategy for the fight to be 1) jab, every variety, step back/step forward, lean back/forward, and the like. 2) use my right hand in a 1-2 combination when there is an opening. 3) use more footwork rather than stay within striking range. This tough trainer doesn't want me to fight inside but rather move around more, keep the fight a much more defensive fight. I'm not sure that's my best strategy, I've had better success going inside - but I get hit too so it is risky. He thinks my best chances are stay outside, utilize my jabs, and just dance around more/move more. Tough proposition when I'm still not in great shape, but I am getting better. Today's workout would have been impossible 2 months ago, and in 2 months I've seen a lot of progress. 

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