Friday, October 4, 2013

Workout #32

Today I had to go to the gym around noon, which is different from my normal schedule. I rode my bike there, and though it would take only about 20 minutes by distance, it often takes me 40-45 minutes b/c there are so many lights/so many people/so many cars, etc. So I don't go very fast. I wanted a better workout, so I put it on the highest gear of my 21-speed bike. Going from stopping on the highest gear is fairly slow, but gives you a great workout. My legs were pretty tired by the time I arrived in the gym.

Total rounds: 10

1. Jump rope - 1
2. Shadow boxing - 3
3. Mitts - 2
4. Speed bag - 3
5. Heavy bag - 1

Today I didn't have as much time. 10 rounds is only 30 minutes of actual work. If I just did another round of mitts, but there were a few people waiting so the trainer could only give me 2 rounds. I was pretty tired afterwards, but I like pushing myself hard on that 3rd round. On non-sparring days, it's much harder to get a real intense workout so I have to push myself.

While I was there I saw a sparring match. They were light, maybe around 5'8 and 130 pounds each. Both were fairly skilled. Towards the middle of the 1st 3 minute round, they started to trade a lot of punches. By the last 30 seconds, one of the guys could barely move and the other guy tapped him multiple times. (They were probably going only at 50% or so.) Clearly one of the guys was better conditioned than the other, even though they looked the same. Afterwards, I saw the less conditioned guy hit the heavy bag. He was excellent, with great form, was really quick, moved very well on his feet. Yet, his conditioning wasn't up to par with the other guy. Interesting really how great he looked on the bag, but in the ring couldn't really stand up to par with the other guy. A reminder to get much better conditioned. 

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