Friday, October 25, 2013

Workout #40

Total rounds 12:

1. Jump rope - 1.5
2. Shadow - 2.5
3. Speed bag - 3.5

  • I finally feel like a boxer on the speed bag. Out of all the things I do, it's the one thing that makes me feel like I'm not a beginner. I'm not advanced, but I have the coordination now to feel I can go pretty hard and work on my accuracy and continue for several minutes at a pretty high speed on the speed bag. 
  • I think I'm much more accurate than a beginner b/c of my speed bag emphasis. I don't hit the heavy bag a whole lot, I'm not that concerned about power since I'm more a defensive fighter/want to win on points and accuracy. Also an accurate punch causes a lot more damage than a more powerful less than accurate shot. Anyways, I've decided to focus on accuracy.

4. Mitts - 2
5. Sparring - 3

I sparred a new guy today. About 5'8 and maybe my age. We didn't hit really, just kind of did really light sparring. I was taller so I was able to tag him fairly easily with my jab. He had no uppercut, so he started coming in a bit to hit me with bodyshots but once I got him with a jab or even once with an uppercut he was more hesitant. I think if I spar like this I won't get a whole lot of damage, but if I go any harder I will. It's still helpful sparring even at only 10% or even shadow sparring with no hitting at all. Today's session was good, really light tapping. It gives us a good basic foundation to learn.

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