Saturday, October 12, 2013

Workout #35

For the last 2 months since I started boxing, the majority of the weeks I have been home I've gone 5x/week. The last few weeks I've gone a lot less, and this week I've gone 2x. My shoulder pain has been increasing, and so I've decided to go less. Maybe 2-3x/week depending on how my shoulders feel. The other times, I'm trying to work on my conditioning for my match.

Total rounds: 13

1. Jump rope - 1
2. Shadow boxing - 3.5
3. Sparring - 2
  • This is my 2nd time sparring GerryC. He has no interest in entering any matches or even sparring much. 
  • He has a really strong right and a powerful left hook. I remember last time when he got me with a straight right pretty hard, so this time I tried to reign jabs on him. I tried varying single, double, feints, side, moving around, etc. Of course my conditioning still prevented me from doing all that I wanted to do. 
  • The first round was kind of light, but as I was able to get him with my jab he started coming inside more. He's very quick to the body, but again like most of us beginners he keeps his head down too long so I pretty much simultaneously hit his head with my jab or uppercut when he went to the body. That's probably a good trade-off for a short 3 round fight vs. a 15 round fight when the body will eventually wear you down. 
  • The 2nd round, I was really tired. GerryC is in great shape, and so he kept on coming. The last minute or so, he swung really hard a few times and I was able to surprisingly move away from most of them. I've been practicing the jab, lean back, jab move and so once I started incorporating it I just ended up leaning back even though I didn't see his right. This rhythm is important. 
  • Right before the bell, he came inside and hit me at least 5 times with the body a few times to the head, and I probably hit him 8-10 times in the head. I did jabs, uppercuts, hooks, and just went left-right-left-right-left-right, and after a while he felt his head bouncing around a lot so he kind of backed off a bit. Of course we were only going about 50% with full face headgear, but he felt it more than I did mostly b/c I had leverage. The more I hit him in the head his body shots were getting weaker so I couldn't feel them much. Still, it's the most I've ever hit anyone and the most I've ever been hit. 
  • The head trainer says although it's a good tradeoff, after I hit him a bunch of times I may want to get out of there by back stepping or spinning around since he could always get me with a wild strike if I stay inside too long since my back was to the corner ropes. 

4. Mitts - 2
5. Speed bag - 3.5
6. Shadow footwork - 1

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