Sunday, September 15, 2013

One month update

It has been 20 workouts and approximately one month since I've been boxing.

  • I've only lost a few pounds, was hoping I would lose 10. Have to be better about my diet, esp. since I travel. 
  • I haven't been able to do more than just the boxing workout. 
  • 5 days/week has been pretty difficult. I really need the 2 days rest. 
  • I've sparred 11 times in 20 workouts which is great. I have to strategize my sparring, esp. since I'm going to against different level boxers every time. 
  • I started to box so I could get in shape, now I really want to get in shape so I can box. 
  • I regret waiting until 41 years of age to start this awesome sport, wish I could have kept up earlier but there's no time like the present. 
  • Having a goal, a real live match, gives someone a lot more purpose to training than just working out. 
  • The workouts are not always fun, but it's always fun to see myself getting better.
  • Overall sparring is my favorite activity and I get so excited to spar even if I know the guy is better and even after a session where I get beat since I know I get better.  
Compared to two months ago, my body aches but also feels better. I see the world differently, b/c I know that I'm pushing my body and I feel like I can conquer more. The biggest life application for me is that just like in life, I have to compensate for my weaknesses in skill/body type/age/conditioning and the like and play to my strengths. 

Another thing that has helped my life is that  during my time in the gym, I can't think of anything else. Boxing requires so much concentration that I can't think of anything else when I'm in that gym. That's been one of the best things about boxing. When I'm in the ring or in the gym, my mind doesn't wander or do anything else but focus on the task at hand. It has been a resting place for not just my body but also my mind and spirit. 

I don't know what the next step holds, but I've been changed 

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