Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Workout #12

Today felt a little bit better. I got there an hour before the class and warmed up. The head trainer asked if I wanted to do mitts before the class, but I told him that my left hand was hurting and I need another day to heal.

Total rounds: 12 + boxing class

1) Shadow boxing - 4 rounds
2) Speed bag - 4 rounds
3) Double bag - 2 rounds
4) Boxing class - 1 hour
5) Light Sparring - 2 rounds

  • I sparred the nice man, Mr. K, again. He's roughly my height, and about 40 lbs lighter. If I lose my fat, I'd probably weigh as much as him, probably late 30's. 
  • I was hitting on my jabs again. I tapped him several times whenever he tried getting in. 
  • However, twice I didn't pull my hand back quickly enough after a jab and he got my pretty hard with his straight right. I notice he hits the heavy bag pretty hard and has a powerful straight right. If I wasn't wearing my faceguard and he was going full power, he may have made my nose bleed/broken my nose. He had a powerful right hand. 
  • I remember closing my eyes when he hit, and I can't do that if I want to survive in the ring. 
  • I can hit pretty quickly with my jab, but the problem is I don't a) bring it back fast enough, and b) I don't move back after I hit to avoid power punches. 
  • I still can't do a lot of combos and he got me in the body many times, he's definitely quicker than I am but the only thing I had better than him was my jab.
  • I thought it was interesting. He hits the heavy bag quite a lot, and so has powerful punches. I try to be lighter and do the speed bag, double bag, and mitts so my jab is better and faster than his. 
  • I think if this were a 3 round match it would have been pretty close. I definitely got more punches in and hit him more than he hit me, but the shots he got me with were much more powerful. Without my faceguard, I'd have a broken nose and it'd be bleeding for sure. I have to remember this. 
  • Things to work on: a) snap back on the jab quick, b) tilt my head back/step back after the jab, and c) move around more after the jab - left, right, back, side, etc. Overall keep an eye out for the right hand and don't just think about offense. 
  • The best part of boxing is the sparring for sure. 
I saw three women around 40 today and they were all quite good. Most had been there only 3-4 years, but they had great technique and speed. They all wanted to spar with the young pro boxer trainer, so he let them. He kind of let them hit him or just moved out of the way. He was fantastic. He's only about 5'4 so was about the same height as the women but boy was he fast. The ladies were pretty quick too, but he moved around and had great footwork. I need to work on my footwork. I notice I can't really move very well and just stand there.

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