Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Workout #16

I only had an hour today and so I had to rush today.

Total rounds: 8

1. Jump rope - 1 round
2. Shadow Boxing - 2 rounds
3. Mitts - 3 rounds

  • I had the tough trainer today, I always learn the most with him. 
  • He said I need to go wider on my hooks, and that I should bring my left hand back more when I do a hook. 
  • He told me to keep on jumping rope and then I can be light on my feet. 
  • I also learned how to do a step before I shuffle back to the left. This was really helpful. 

4. Foot work - 2 rounds

The trainer said I need to come in at least 3-4 times per week if I want to see real improvement. I've been going at least 5x so hopefully I can keep this up. It has been good for me b/c I want to learn boxing as a skill and sport, and getting in shape it kind of a by product of learning this really demanding sport. 

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