Thursday, September 19, 2013

Workout #23

I was hoping to spar today, but the head trainer had the two smaller guys spar one another. They were going at it really hard, to the point the head trainer had to tell them to break it up.

Total Rounds: 13

1. Jump Rope - 2

  • My new record, 64 skips. I hope to hit 100 one of these days. 
2. Shadow - 2
3. Speed - 2
4. Double - 2
5. Mitts - 2
  • The head trainer is throwing lots of variety at meet and I can actually hit most of them. I realize I can go fairly hard for two rounds on the mitts though it's hard. 
  • There's a definitely a different sound on the mitts when I clench my fists vs. just lightly closing them. My left knuckles still hurt, even though I double wrapped them. 
  • The big thing is for me to keep up my guard with my non-punching hand and also bring my punching hand back quickly during everything I do, including mitts. I need to get into this habit for everything including shadow boxing and double bag. 
6. Heavy Bag - 3 

I'm watching reruns of the TV show The Contender and I've actually learned a lot about boxing. Two biggest lessons: 

  • The 3rd place winner, Alfonso Gomez was the most inspirational. He beat a lot of good boxers even though he wasn't the fastest, tallest, or had any one best skill. He had a lot of heart, and overall he was very accurate. I noticed he had a really relaxed attitude, smiled a lot, and didn't shy away from tough challenges. He was highly skilled, and the total package made him a great fighter. (He turned out to be a good pro as well.) What I learned from him was being relaxed with a great attitude and having accurate punches - even if he wasn't the best conditioned, most skilled, or strongest or fastest guy, allowed him to beat a lot of opponents. 
  • One of the other fighters, Joey Gilbert, was a really excellent fighter. He was tall, had a strong punch, and also fast. However, people perceived him to be a coward with no heart. He was shown to be a backstabber and not owning up to his word. He was described as the cowardly lion by another fighter, which is interesting since he's really skilled. During his last fight he fought really bravely, and it was interesting how fighting a really skilled and tough boxer allowed him come out strong. The crowd was chanting his name afterwards. Tougher opponents build up character and he later on earned the respect of his peers. 

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