Thursday, September 12, 2013

Workout #18

Total rounds: 12

1. Jump rope - 1
2. Shadow box - 1
3. Light Sparring - 4

  • My first opponent was a southpaw, I'll call him MannyP. He was about 4 inches shorter than I Was so I had a significant height advantage. He was in fantastic shape and extremely fast. 
  • He didn't have his guard up, like Ali, b/c I think he thought he could just get away from my punches. For the most part he did since I was mostly in attack mode, but b/c I was taller I did get him with my jab whenever he tried to get in. He got me with a bunch of body shots, but when I got him in a corner he couldn't do anything b/c I was too big. I'm pretty sure I won't fight someone like him, not at my weight it's not realistic. I probably won this match if it were real, but again I won't ever have an opponent like him that's his size, speed, and height. 
  • I noticed that to keep my jab fast, I jab without clenching my fist. It won't hurt anyone but I do think I'll get points in an amateur match b/c the gloves will be larger. I'm trying now to jab without clenching, and then clenching when I do combos. 
  • My 2nd opponent I only went one round. He was a guy in pretty good shape but was tentative. I was a few inches taller but I was able to tag him with my jab whenever he tried to get in. He did get me with one good body shot, but overall he had to adjust his mask several times b/c I was able to get him with my jab. Again, I had too much of a size advantage. 
  • My 3rd opponent for just one round was a lady about 3 inches smaller than me. She was quite quick, but wasn't so experienced. She was able to move quickly with her body shots, but again I got her in the head and face whenever she came in. She ended up looking down when she came in, and then I was able to get her in the head fairly easily. 
  • Again, I wonder in a real match what would happen? If someone comes in and gets me with a body, would I be able to get them in the head? Would I be too hurt? Would they keep on coming in if I do end up getting them in the head? 
  • Today, I tried working more on my left uppercut as they were trying to get in. I need to work on this more, it's a really good counter even if it doesn't hit b/c it gets people out of the way and ends up naturally blocking their punches. 
4. Speed bag - 3
5. Double bad - 2
6. Shadow footwork in the ring - 2
  • I think it's worth doing shadow boxing with gloves on. I'm usually too tired, but maybe that's a good thing to shadow box at the end while tired. 

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