Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workout #22

Today the gym was packed. I wish I could have stayed later, I usually have to leave earlier, but on Wed nights I can stay a bit later.

Total rounds: 14 + boxing class

1. Jump Rope - 2

  • I'm able to get up to 50, but still only on two feet. I think once I can get to 100 then I should be able to do some more one foot jumpbs. 
2. Shadow - 3
3. Double - 2
4. Speed - 5

Boxing Class
  • The taller 50 year old has a really long reach. Even when we're just practicing and going light, he always seems to tag me even when I just have my mouthpiece on. The good thing I have to remember to protect myself at all times, even during practice and training. 
  • The class has been good to have the trainer go around and teaching basic moves. For example, he said my right knee is turning too much when I do a straight right. My knee is pointing down instead of straight ahead. 
  • I've realized how my footwork is really poor. I need to be better conditioned so I can be lighter on my feet. 
5. Mitts - 2
  • I asked the trainer what to do during a bodyshot, esp since my feet are kind of slow though my hands are faster for my size. He said for me to slip hard to the left if he comes right, and then I can get away or feint and then hit with an uppercut. 
  • I still need to work on this more. 
  • He also said that I'm not lined up enough when I do a straight right. I end up losing balance so I need to think about this more and get better balance.  
  • He says I need to use more hips and return my fists back. I realize my hands are really slow coming back and I kind of leave them there instead of having it return quickly.
I have so much to work on, it's almost overwhelming. I want to have more focused sparring sessions. 

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