Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Workout #17

I got into the gym hoping for some extra time before the evening skills class.

Total rounds: 6 + boxing class

1. Jump rope - 1
2. Shadow - 2
3. Mitts - 2
  • I feel myself getting better. He's asking me to do jab-left hooks, which are not easy to do with speed. I'm still slow but feel like I'm getting the coordination to do it. 
  • My straight rights have been better too, since I'm trying to use more of my hips. 
4. Speed bag - 2
  • I haven't been doing much speed bag lately, so I haven't improved. I want to do it more so I can get better. 
Boxing class
  • Working on good form for jabs, rights, hooks, uppercuts
  • Touch sparring, which I never like. Shadow sparring with light touch/no gloves. I never like this b/c I'm at such a disadvantage with speed. My guy was a taller older guy who is way faster than me with a long reach. I couldn't do much. If we were sparring for real, at least I could tap him in the head and he'd feel my power a bit even if he is faster. However, this way he can do whatever he wants since we're not really hitting but more just touching gloves. We can both do combos at the same time, when in fact when we really do combos if one person feels the pain or gets hit first they'll get into guard mode. 
  • We did mitts with our partner for another 3 rounds, so I was really beat afterwards. 

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