Thursday, September 26, 2013

Workout #28

I asked the head trainer some questions. We talked about how to defend body shots. After that, he talked to me a bit about my style since he's seen me spar for a while. He said though I can jab - since I only jab once it's really easy to counter. He said I need to do double jabs, jab up and low, feint and then jab, jab to push the person away, basically do a variety of jabs and not just the one shot kind. That's really good advice. At the top of my list for my next sparring match will be to do more double jabs, feint jabs, and just vary my jab so it can be powerful as well as used to keep the person away since my style is a more defensive style. 

My shoulders were so sore when I went in today, but once I got there they felt OK. Now that I'm back at home, they're really sore again. I can barely lift my arms over my head, and feel this muscular pain in my shoulders. I have to take it easy, but it's odd how my shoulders hurt so much at home, but when I get in the gym and warm up they feel OK. I'm not sure how long I can keep up this pace. After my match, I hope I'm in better shape to do this 5x/week. If not, then maybe I need to go 2x boxing, then take a day to do cardio at the gym (they have a number of bikes/treadmills), and then another 2x boxing. I enjoy it so much however, that it's kind of hard to do that. I'm eating lots of protein to help heal and stop this muscle soreness. It has been sore for a month now, esp. after a hard sparring session like yesterday!

Total rounds: 12

1. Jump rope - 2
2. Shadow - 3
3. Mitts - 3
4. Speed - 4
5. Sparring - 2
  • MarvinH was more aggressive today. Usually he's a light sparrer, but I know he's getting ready for his first match too so he came in more aggressively. He's got really quick feet, so he can step in and out and got me a few times. Overall, I was able to hit him with my jab many times. Either he'd have to get away from my jab, which he could do since he's quick, but whenever he came in to get me - even if he got me with a bodyshot or hook, I'd still be able to get him with my jab. 
  • I tried working on double jabbing, and feints, and just changing it up. It wasn't easy to change up my jab b/c I wasn't used to it, but now I see the wisdom of it. I was able to keep a quick guy like him at bay b/c I jabbed constantly. 
  • I was so focused on the jab, that when he did slip I didn't counter as quickly with an uppercut so he got me a few times. In the 2nd round, even tough I was tired I tried doing the same and then countered with an uppercut a few times. I always get hit in the 2nd round b/c I'm so tired. My guard goes down and just I'm not aggressively firing the jabs which is also defensive/acts as a block. 
  • For next time: 1) double jab, feint-jab, 2) move my head

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