Saturday, September 7, 2013

Workout #15

Today the head trainer wasn't in when I went to the gym. Normally I go around 5pm to catch someone to spar with, but today is Saturday so I went in a bit earlier but he wasn't there. Usually, nobody spars unless he tells them since he knows everyone's level and can control the matches a bit.

Total rounds: 13

1. Jump Rope - 2 rounds

  • I can go for 10-20 seconds now, and it's not my coordination but rather I get tired so I have to stop. I can only jump off of two feet, but hopefully I can work to the point where I can do alternating feet. 
2. Shadow Boxing - 2 rounds
  • I tried paying more attention to my footwork. I've been getting hit with too many right hands, so even if it's slow I'm going to end with my left hand. Either a jab-right-uppercut or jab-right-jab combo so that my arm blocks the other guys right hand a bit. 
3. Double Bag - 2 rounds
4. Speed Bag - 2 rounds
5. Heavy Bag - 3 rounds
  • I should make it a goal to do heavy bag once or twice per week. It ends up hurting my shoulders a bit, so I don't want to do it too much, but if it's just a few rounds I think it's OK. 
  • I remember 10 years ago when I was in my other gym, they had us hit the heavy bag at least for 30 minutes or so and I ended up messing up my shoulder. 
  • Now, I'm going to try and minimize the amount of rounds I hit on the heavy bag to maybe 3 rounds twice per week or something like that. 
  • I know some people like to go 5-10 rounds per day, but I don't think my shoulder can handle that. 
6. Footwork shadow boxing - 2 rounds
  • I went into the ring by myself and tried to walk with my guard down, jump around a bit, and tried to move around the ring more like Ali. 
  • I probably won't be able to do this, but I do want to improve my footwork. 
Without sparring or hitting the mitts, the workout is pretty light. I could have pushed myself more, but I want to do at least two workouts per week where I'm focusing mostly on form. I'm still sweating quite a bit, and I hope to add a morning session daily of pushups, situps, crunches, plank, shrugs, and also lifting weights once/week for now. 

I totally ruined my diet today and pigged out. I can't keep on doing this if I want to make weight. I'll have to cut my calories significantly tomorrow, perhaps just protein shakes and vegetables, and then I'll have my typical day of fasting on Monday. 

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