Friday, September 6, 2013

Workout #14

I was tired again today, and ended up having a big lunch. How I wish I didn't have to make weight, and could just train and eat. Dieting and training has been difficult on me as an emotional eater, though I do get a new high by going to the gym.

Total rounds: 11

1. Jump rope - 2 rounds

  • I've decided that I have to jump rope more. My footwork is terrible and I need to move better. 
  • I don't have to be Ali, but just be able to move back and forth better. 
2. Shadow boxing - 2 rounds
3. Light Sparring - 2 rounds
  • The young powerful guy was there today. I'll call him MikeT. He doesn't look very powerful with kind of big hair. He's about 6 ft tall and 200 lbs, and does not have a chiseled body like the other nicer man I box. He's very powerful however. 
  • I notice that he can twist and torque his body very well, so all of his shots are extremely powerful. He uses his entire body to hit and he's fairly quick too. Even on the heavy bag, I can hear him hitting really hard even after he's been there over an hour. He's only 22 years old and has been boxing for 4 years, and has a total baby face. 
  • In the ring I couldn't keep up with him. Just blocking his hits made me so tired in the 1st round that by the 2nd round I couldn't even jab properly. 
  • I was still able to hit him with my jab, but he was able to come inside and get me with uppercuts and bodyshots. 
  • I tried using my jab and then countering, but b/c he was so much better than me he just kind of waited for me/let me hit him while he blocked and parried, and then unleashed some combos on me. If he were going 100%, I'm not sure I would have lasted a single round with him. He might as well be Tyson to me since even at 30% my side still hurts from his shots. 
  • The best part of sparring with MikeT is that he's about my height and size, but doesn't allow me to get in much. I have to really think about getting in my jabs and rights.
  • Light sparring with a mask however is still pretty different from a real match. First, I don't get hit in the face since I have the guard. Second, we're not getting too close since we don't want to hit really hard. I wonder if this will actually be a negative in terms of preparing for the fight. In November I'll have to remember to actually get in closer so I can actually hit rather than just tap like I do in light sparring with a mask. 
  • Things to work: 1) still hit with the jab only in the 1st round and wait for the counter, 2) footwork. Try and get out of the way more of the hits, and 3) experiment with keeping my hands down a bit so it's easier to walk/use footwork and then putting it right back up when I get closer. 
  • It's always so exciting when I get to spar, I'm calmer now but it's the rush of adrenaline that can only come from a live match. I can't tell if I'm getting better really, but I know I'm calmer in there and actually can think a bit. 
4. Mitts - 2 rounds
  • It's so hard to do mitts after sparring, I feel like my arms are going to fall off. 
  • I think the head trainer knows I'm serious about this fight, so he has been helping me by allowing me to spar. He never says anything, but always sits ringside to watch me spar. 
5. Double bag - 1 round
6. Speed bag - 1 round
7. Footwork - 1 round

After November, I'm not sure I'll be in a match again. I have new projects coming up that will require a lot of work so I won't be able to train as much. I think it would be good for me to try to get another match so I can train for it. After that, I should probably not box anymore. It's addictive but also a bit dangerous. I'm not sure how long I can do this by going to the gym so frequently b/c I'm getting busier, but I hope that after November this can be a lifestyle for me. I see guys int heir 50's coming in regularly, and I'm sure they probably won't box but they are working hard to stay in shape, improve, and keep up their skills. 

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