Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Workout #11

It has been 8 days since my last workout. I gained 4 lbs on my trip and now I have to lose it and more to make weight. Ugh.

Total rounds: 15

1. Shadow boxing - 4 rounds
2. Mitts - 2 rounds

  • I had the tough trainer today. He's always very critical of me and almost smirks, but that's good since I know I can't slack with him. 
  • He said that my straight rights are too much muscle and not enough body. He told me to practice swinging my chest with it upright so I can generate more power. 
3. Double bag - 2 rounds
4. Speed bag - 5 rounds
  • Today was my best speed bag session. Frankly, I was kind of tired so I went there but it was helpful since I actually went over 30 seconds at a time hitting that bag. Now I have to actually work on my speed since I think I'm getting better on the hand exchanges. 
5. Light Sparring - 2 rounds
  • I wanted to spar at 50% at least, but my partner only went about 30%. It was still helpful but I wish he actually hit me rather than just be far away and try to hit. 
  • He was better than me for sure, but I was at least 5 inches taller that he couldn't really get in on me or do much since my jab was hitting him before he could hit me. 
  • I tried to be like Wladmir Klitchscko and totally focus just on my jab. I'm still not sure if the drowning style will work for me, I'm a big guy and I don't have really long arms. I can back pedal at a decent speed so I'm hoping to jab and get out. I like this style b/c it's a calmer style, focusing on mainly one punch. Perhaps as much as 90% jab, then 5% straight right, and then 5% all the other punches. I think right now most of my sparring sessions have been about this ratio.
  • I worked on just two things, jab and right + right hand block, then uprcut + hook. I couldn't do a whole lot of combos mostly b/c I'm tired. 
  • I haven't fought anyone taller than me really, so I'll have to adjust if my opponent is 6'2 or taller. 
Overall a light workout since I haven't been back in a while. I'll go harder tomorrow. 

I found out for the match in November that they'll provide the headgear and the gloves. The headgear is standard amateur headgear, which doesn't cover the chins or the cheek. My new Rival headgear has a faceguard, and my trainer said I shouldn't practice with it. He seemed pretty unhappy I bought it. (I paid $110 or so.) In hindsight, I probably should have gotten a regular one so it'd be more like the match. I don't want to hurt my nose in these sparring sessions. If I hurt it in the match so be it, but having the faceguard will help me not break my nose. I think I could use regular headgear with everyone, but the really skilled 20 year old who was just toying w/me, if I ever spar him again I have to have the headgear since he'll definitely pop me in the face. 

It is heavy, and I suspect I'll be quicker with regular headgear instead of my bulky one. I hope it can at least get me used to keeping my chin down. When I get tired all for goes out the window, not easy to do. 

I've been watching these amateur fight videos and their form is horrible, they keep on dropping their guard and only go for the head. I don't think I've seen a single guy do the drowning style, just sort of brawl the whole time. I want to be smarter about my fight. 

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